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Saatchi Art

Announcement: Candy Dishes available for purchase @

Thanks to Rainbowed (the digital media platform for the art savvy and wannabes) and Vasia Rigou for stopping by my booth at The Other Art Fair and including me in this great article: Looking Back at The Other Art Fair: 5 Booths We Loved. There were a lot of great booths and people there and I had a great time.

Into the Blue An All Iowa Juried Exhibition

Announcement: "Into the Blue: An all Iowa Juried Exhibition" at the CRMA opening June 8- Sept. 15. making is a process that requires an active interest in exploration and discovery.


Cedar Rapids artist specializing in sculpture, collage, and assemblage

Artist's Statement

My multi-media installations take the form of vast interior landscapes. Inspired by domestic spaces, natural patterns and complex compositional arrangements, these environments offer quiet, yet dramatic glimpses into the familiar. The process of making is a key component to the artwork and often involves simple, repetitive acts as a means to investigate the intersections between art and daily life. Often working with modules, I produce masses of objects that interact to create larger patterns and/or complex relationships. Clay, wood, fabric, wire, plaster and found objects shape these artificial microcosms creating a dialogue between material, object, and viewer.

Quick Info

...these environments offer quiet, yet dramatic glimpses into the familiar.